Movies for Television 


We now offer approximately 200 motion picture titles produced for ABC, CBS and NBC, from the Stellar Film Associates Syndication Library. Among these selections are some of the most popular TV movies ever made. Many of these films feature well know stars of the motion picture screen as well as favorites from the TV screen. Featured are such box office favorites as Anthony Hopkins,  Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Martin Balsam, Kirstie Alley, Diana Rigg, Christopher Plumber, Stewart Granger, Brian Dennehy, Forrest Tucker, Lloyd Bridges, Broderick Crawford,   Richard Pryor,  Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton,  Jean Simmons, Walter Slezak, Michelle Pfeiffer, Clint Walker, Richard Basehart,  Burt Lancaster, Hugh Grant, Oliver Reed. Susan Sarandon,  

Also presented are home screen favorites such as Edward Asner;  Mary Tyler Moore, Cloris Leachman, Tom Selleck, Jerry Reed,  Barbara Mandrell, Cheryl Ladd, Kate Jackson Pamela Anderson, Gene Wilder, Bob Newhart, Rob Reiner, Valerie Harper, Nancy Walker, Lorne Green and Christopher Walken,  Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Lorne Green and Christopher Walken, Daniel J. Travanti,   Bob Denver, Alan Hale,  David Janssen, John Forsythe and Joseph Campanella.

Is it any wonder TV viewers of the past decade and movie views of all ages love this library? Just scan the descriptions below and you are bond to spot some of your favorite stars. 

Stellar Films Associates MOVIES FOR TELEVISION

A Brand New Life Cloris Leachman, Martin Balsam, Wilfred Hyde White, Gene Nelson   After 18 years of marriage, a middle-aged couple has to face the prospect of having their first child. Knowing how much their lives will change the couple faces the question if they should have the child or not. Won Emmy for ABC Television and Tomorrow Entertainment. 1973 Color 74 minutes.

A Bunny’s Tale  Kirstie Alley, Cotter Smith,  Deborah Van Valkenburgh.  Kirstie Alley plays the real-life character Gloria Steinem who went undercover to expose the life of a Playboy Bunny cocktail waitress. She recounted her tale in a women's magazine that won her great acclaim. The film takes you through the all the steps and humiliations women went through in order to make it as a Bunny.1985  97 Min.

A Christmas Without Snow Michael Learned, John Houseman, James Cornwell. A divorced woman moves to a new city with her child, trying to build her life again. Lonely, she joins the choir of a local church but has some personality conflicts with the choirmaster, a curmudgeonly old gentleman who will accept nothing but perfection from his group. As Christmas approaches and the choir practices for a big show and the director pushes them all to their emotional limits, she contemplates quitting the group. Made For TV. 1980 Color 95 Minutes.

A Hazard of Hearts  Diana Rigg, Edward Fox, Christopher Plumber, Stewart Grange, Marcus Gilbert.   When compulsive gambler Sir Giles Staverley has lost his estate and all his money playing dice, he realizes that he only has one thing left of value: his daughter Serena. In a final game, he stakes his daughter's hand in marriage, convinced that this time he will not lose. Unfortunately, however, he does lose; to the evil Lord Wrotham. Unable to return home and tell his daughter that he has lost her in a game of dice, Sir Giles kills himself there and then. Lord Vulcan, who has witnessed the events, takes pity on Serena Staverley, although they have never met. He challenges Lord Wrotham to a game of dice in which the winner takes both Staverley Court and Miss Serena. Lord Vulcan wins and simply pleased that he has saved someone from the nasty Wrotham, he thinks no more about the event. One evening, however, Vulcan's friend Lord Peter Gillingham insists upon them going to Staverley Court to take a look at Vulcan's "prize." When arriving there, Vulcan finds Serena Staverley more beautiful than he ever imagined. Written by Barbara Cartland. A Gainsborough Picture shown on CBS in the USA. 1987 Color / Approx. 90 Min.

A Real American Hero 'The Buford Pusser Story'
Brian Dennehy, Forrest Tucker, Ken Howard, Sheree North. Bufford Pusser is the Sheriff of a Tennessee County who must go against a former friend, and a group of women who use an old blue law to segregate a recently freed prostitute. To fight them he uses other old laws that aren't relevant today. Is he ready to face opposition, or will there be any? The opening narration says, "The wrong kind of people have had their say for too long and I want to remind them that somewhere in this world there is a little law and order left - to let them know in the only way their kind understands, that they can't bribe or threaten their way and they will damn well pay dearly for every crime they commit." This made for TV movie inspired the film "Walking Tall". Made by Bing Crosby Productions for CBS Television. 1978 Color.

A Tattered Web Lloyd Bridges, Broderick Crawford, Ellen Corby, Frank Converse, Murray Hamilton. A detective discovers his son-in-law is cheating on his wife. He confronts the other woman and accidentally kills her, then tries to pin the crime on a local derelict. Made for TV Movie on CBS. 1971 Color 90 Minutes.

A Small Killing   Steven Hilliard Stern; Edward Asner; Jean Simmons, Sylvia Sydney, John Steadman.  An under cover investigation the murder of a bag lady falls in love with a College Professor.   Made for CBS Television 1981 Color.
Acceptable Risks Brian Dennehy, Cicely Tyson. Oakbridge, a mid-size Midwest American city, is the site of a major chemical disaster. At Citichem, the production manager (Dennehy), is forced to shortcut his safety procedures to speed up the production of a highly toxic and volatile chemical. Of course, as expected, an accident occurs. A worker is killed and the town is exposed to calamitous impacts. Cicely Tyson is the City Manager who has misgivings about the whole operation. 1986 Color 92 minutes.

Arch of Triumph Anthony Hopkins, Lesley-Anne Down, Donald Pleasence  Anthony Hopkins, is Ravic, is a German citizen who helped Jewish people escape from the murderous anti-Semitic Fatherland. He spent time in a concentration camp & has a horrible scar as a reminder. He lives without papers in Paris, under a false name, aware always that the minute the gendarmes near him he could be sent away or imprisoned as an illegal alien. He dreams of the day he can revenge himself on the Gestapo officer who sent him away, who tortured his friends & who tortured & raped his only love, Sybil. Made for television. 1985 Color 95 minutes.

New Adventures of Heidi, The  Burl Ives, Kathy Kurtzman.. Warm hearted retelling of the family favorite. In this film Heidi leaves the Alps and goes to New York. Made for CBS Television. 1978 COLOR 82 minutes.

Affair, The  Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner  It was love at first sight for Marcus Simon an attorney when he saw Courtney Patterson a 32 year old composer crippled by polio. Marcus tries to slowly and gently remove the emotion barriers Courtney built around herself and give them both a chance at love and happiness. Spelling- Goldberg Production. Made for TV (ABC) 1973 color 74 Minutes .

All The Kind Stranger  Stacy Keach, Samantha Eddar, John Savage, Robbie Bensen, Arlene Farber. There is nothing more dangerous than a kind face. A couple traveling through a backwoods area are held by a group of orphans who want them to become their parents. Unfortunately, the kids have a habit of killing adults who refuse that particular honor. Made for ABC TV. 1974 Color 97 minutes.

An Innocent Love Melissa Sue Anderson, Doug McKeon, Rocky Bauer. A made for TV film about a gifted high school boy who is hired to tutor a college volleyball player in trigonometry, and the crush he develops for her. The differences in their ages, her lack of romantic interest in him, her boyfriend, his parents, and her desire not to break his heart, all conflict in this romantic coming of age film. With authentic scenes and details based upon an actual program on the idyllic University of Washington campus, this film sensitively and high-mindedly depicts a gifted adolescent whose intellectual peers happen to be chronological elders. 14-year-old Harry, a university junior and aspiring astronomer, has his heart set on an upcoming field trip to view a rare solar eclipse. Because he would miss his sister's wedding, his parents oppose his attending. Needing money to go on his own, he answers a want-ad from Molly, a freshman volleyball star, for a tutor in calculus; and their relationship becomes tenderly romantic. Her boyfriend Duncan, stroke on the rowing team, also befriends Harry and makes him his boat's coxswain. Harry and Duncan commiserate together through the painful ambivalence of helping the girl they love improve her math grades in order to transfer to far-off UCLA, leaving them both. Produced for and first aired on CBS Television. 1982 Color 92 Minutes.

Anatomy of An Illness
Edward Asner, Eli Wallach, David Ogden Stiers, Millie Perkins. Asner plays Norman Cousins who also wrote the book. How Cousins credits laughter for his cure. Made for CBS Television. 1984 Color 96 minutes.

Assassin Robert Conrad, Karen Austin, Jonathan Banks. A retired agent from an Intelligence Agency is contacted by the Agency in order to stop an ultra-secret robot who is killing some government officials. That will be not an easy task, because the robot looks human and it was specifically built to be an efficient killer, not to mention that it is almost invulnerable. The retired operative, played by Robert Conrad, trails the cyborg and tries to destroy it. Directed by Sandor Stern. Made for TV 1986 Color 74 Minutes.

Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman  Cicely Tyson, Odetta. In February, 1962, as the civil rights movement reaches Bayonne, Louisiana, a New York journalist arrives to interview Jane Pitman, who has just turned 110. She tells him her story dating back to her earliest memories before slavery ended, a long walk toward freedom, marriage to Joe Pitman, her adopted son Ned's work as an educator, helping to raise Jimmy, who returns as a civil rights worker, and her own decision to become involved in contemporary issues. In between the chapters of her life, the present-day struggles of Blacks in Bayonne, urged on by Jimmy, are dramatized/ Emmy Award winning production. 1974 color.

Barnaby and Me  Sid Caesar, Juliet MIlls, Sally Boyden,  Ivor Kants, Daws Butler.  The title character is a talented Koala Bear, who is to Australian fans what Benji is to Americans. Pausing in his escape from a vengeful mobster, American con artist (Sid Caesar )falls in love with a mom (Juliet Mills )whose daughter Sally  Boyden keeps Barnaby as her pet. The kooky koala teams up with Sid for a series of adventures. Daws Butler famous cartoon voice for Warner Bros and scads of TV cartoons supplies the voice for Barnaby.  Made for Australian Broadcasting Company Television in Australia . 1977  Color 90 minutes.

Amanda Blake, Dick Haymes, Trish Sterling, Sam Groom. In her first non-Gunsmoke appearance in two decades, Amanda Blake plays Helen Mercer, a lonely, middle-aged widow. Helen hires the deceptively sweet Adele Murphy (Tisha Sterling) as her companion. What she doesn't know (but we do, thanks to a rather violent prologue) is that "Adele" is really an extortionist named Gretchen, in league with her homicidal con-artist boyfriend Jay (Sam Groom). Singing star Dick Haymes makes his TV movie debut in the third-billed role of Harold Porter. Based on a novel by suspense specialist Doris Miles Disney. Made for TV. 1974, color.

Birds of Prey David Jansen, Ralph Meeker, Elayne Heilvell. Action Thriller. Harry Walker, X-military pilot, works for a radio station in Salt Lake City as a traffic helicopter pilot. While on his rounds he observes a bank robbery taking place and the abduction of a female teller. He follows, 1st the criminals in their car, then they transfer to a helicopter. Harry is running out of fuel so he stops on the road to flag down a tanker truck, gets fuel then continues the pursuit. Made for CBS Television. 1973 Color 89 minutes

Black Brigade, The  Billy Dee Williams, Richard Pryor, Robert Hooks, Moses Gunn, Roosevelt Grier Glynn Turman. A redneck officer is put in charge of a squad of black troops charged with taking an important bridge from the Nazis. Made for TV by Aaron Spelling who also shared the writing credits with David Kidd. (ABC Television) The best friend twosome of Pryor and Grier is formidable. From the Aaron Spelling Danny Thomas TV series Carter's army. 1970 Color 90 Minutes.

Black Water Gold Bradford Dillman, Keir Dulea, France Nuyen, Lana Wood, Ricardo Montalban. A scuba bum joins a marine archeologist and a Mexican historian in a race to reach a treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon ahead of a well-armed dilettante and his associates. Music by Mike Curb.  Made by MetroMedia for ABC Television. 1970 Color 90 minutes.

Blunt, The Fourth Man Anthony Hopkins, Ian Richardson. Based on true saga of four  British Spies at Cambridge. (Blunt, Burgess, Maclean, Philby and Cairncross) and their impact on world history. Back in the late 1940's the FBI detected that there was a Soviet spy in the British Embassy in Washington D.C but could only narrow him down to a half dozen high ranking members of the British Foreign Service or MI5. It wasn't until 1949 that the spy code name "Homer" was identified as being Donald MacLean (Michael McStay) and the FBI, together with the British Government, set a trap to not just arrest him but those who he was in contact and working with in the British Isles and it was there where the movie "Blunt" begins, in late May 1951. Compelling drama. Made for BBC Television. 1985 Color.

Born To Be Sold  Lynda Carter, Harold Gould, Dean Stockwell, Ed Nelson.  Lynda Carter plays a caring social worker that is suddenly drawn into a horrid reality of underworld mayhem. Babies are bought from troubled teenagers and then are placed into the hands of unstable parents for a fee of $ 30,000. Can you believe it. The saddest part of all is that this has really happened. While Lynda Carter investigates the businessman believed to be responsible, she puts her own life in danger from the band of villains working for him. She is threatened, manipulated and puts her job in jeopardy desperately trying to crack the operation wide open. Made for TV Thriller. 1981 Color 96 Minutes.

Borrowers,  The  Eddie Albert, Tammy Grimes, Edith Anderson, Bernard Hughes,  An eight-year-old boy discovers a family of tiny people, only a few inches tall, living beneath the floorboards of a Victorian country home. Made for NBC Original music Rod McKuen. 1973 Color 83 Minutes.

Bounty Man, The Clint Walker, Richard Basehart Two rival bounty hunters are after the same killer, but find they have to join together to fight off his gang. Made by ABC Circle Films. 1972 Color 73 minutes.

Boy In The Plastic Bubble John Travolta. Glyniss O'Conner, Robert Reed, Ralph Bellamy, Dianna Hyland, Karen Morrow. Based on a true story, Tod Lubitch is born with a deficient immune system (not unlike being born with AIDS). As such, he must spend the rest of his life in a completely sterile environment. His room is completely hermetically sealed against bacteria and virus, his food is specially prepared, and his only human contact comes in the form of gloved hands. The movie follows his life into a teenager. Produced by Aaron Spelling ABC Television. 1976 Color 100 Minutes.

Brass Ring, The 
Dina Merrill, Sylvia Sydney. Mental illness is the theme of this film. A mother afflicted with depression comes into conflict with own mother and children when she refuses to seek professional health care. Famous early Hollywood actresses, Sylvia Sidney  also appears. Made for Television by Bob Balaban. Has played on Show Time Cable. 1983 Color 81 minutes.

Brotherhood of Justice  Kiefer Sutherland, Billy Zane, Joe Spano. A group of high school students, led by a rich boy Derek, is sick of school violence and decides to become underground vigilantes named "Brotherhood of Justice". It starts with the idea "watching people", but things quickly get out of control. "Brotherhood of Justice" turns out another gang of violence. Derek wants to stop it but it is too late, so he takes responsibility for it and gives himself to the law. This film, made for ABC Television was based on events that occurred in 1985 at R.L. Paschel High School in Fort Worth, Texas. The gang was the Legion of Doom. Actual names and locations are not used in the movie because once incarcerated, the members of the Legion of Doom were prohibited from doing books or movies about the gang. 1986 Color 97 minutes. Note, this was made for television, but not suited for all venue. Screen before scheduling.

Callie & Son with Lindsey Wagner, Dabney Coleman and Michelle Pfeiffer. An unwed mother forced to give up her child and is cheated by a phony private investigator. Later she marries a wealthy publisher and continues her search for her child. Made by Motown Productions for CBS Television. 1981 Color 142 Minutes PG.

Can You Hear The Laughter? Burt Brinckerhoff A sensitive made-for-television drama about Freddie Prinze's rise to the top of his profession and subsequent tragic suicide. 1979 color 96 minutes. 

Cape Town Affair, The  Claire Trevor, James Brolin, Jacqueline Bisset, Bob Courtney, John Whiteley, Gordon Milholland .

Children Of The Night Kathleen Quinlan, Nicholas Campbell, Mario Van Peebles.  Fact-based drama about a sociology graduate (Kathleen Quinlan) who starts working with teen prostitutes in Hollywood. The film does not draw back on its depiction of the brutality that the teens face nor of the exploitation that occurs from the pimps and johns ho use them. Pat Benatar's song "Hell Is For Children" is used to set the film's theme. Made for CBS Television. 1985 Color 83 minutes.

Christabel Elizabeth Hurley, Stephen Delane, Geoffrey Palmer, Ann Bell. An English girl marries a German lawyer in the 1930s and they try to live as normal a life as they can in Hitler's Germany. When Allied bombs start falling on German cities, Christabel takes her two young sons to a village in the mountains. Then she learns that her husband and some of his friends have been arrested for plotting to assassinate Hitler. She travels to the prison where he is held, wondering if telling the commandant that she knows Winston Churchill will help her husband or seal his fate.  This film is based on Christabel Bielenberg's historical memoir, "The Past Is Myself," looking back on the years 1932-45, was the source for this depiction of life in Germany during Hitler's rise.  Dennis Potter chose to dramatize their story because, "One, it's a celebration of married love, and, two, it's the perfect answer to the idea of collective guilt. They were confronted with this raving maniac and yet managed to emerge without doing anything degrading." Made for Television (BBC) 1988 Color 149 minutes

Christmas Wife, The  Jason Robards, Julie Harris, Don Francks, James Eckhouse, Patricia Hamilton, Afraid to spend the Christmas holiday alone, an aging widower decides to hire himself a spouse to spend the vacation with him in his lovely mountain retreat and finds true romance in this heartwarming made-for-cable television drama that is based on a story by Helen Norris. Jason Robards and Julie Harris are wonderful in this leisurely film that is reminiscent of the great classic movies. 1988 color 73 minutes.  
Class of 63 James Brolin, Cliff Gorman, Jane Hackman. A jealous husband uses a college reunion to take revenge on his wife's former lover, who he is convinced is still having an affair with her. This 20th Century Fox production is one of ABC's best movie of the week offerings in the 70s. The plot concerns the ten year reunion of a group of college students, one of whom has homicidal intentions towards his former classmates, stemming from a romantic slight. But it's not a by the numbers revenge flick. The script is literate and intelligent, John Korty's direction is very sharp, and the acting (especially by Cliff Gorman and Joan Hackett) is surprisingly good. There is a haunting use of the song "Louise," that contributes to the suspense. 1974 Color 74 minutes.
Coach of The Year Robert Conrad, Erin Gray A former player for the Chicago Bears is paralyzed in the Vietnam War. He returns to get a job coaching at a youth prison. Made for Television. 1980 Color 120 minutes.

Cold Room George Segal, Amanda Pays. George Segal plays Hugh Martin who plans a trip to visit his girl friend, Lili, (Renee Southendjik) who lives in Germany during the cold war and decides to bring his daughter Carla Martin, (Christa Bruckner. Carla attended a Catholic College and was given a book from a Nun concerning Berlin, Germany during 1936 and WW II and Carla becomes very interested in this book and it has a great effect on Carla's visit to Germany. This is something like a story of "Diary of Anne Frank" and Carla begins to have visions of what it was like during these war years. Carla does not get along very well with Lili and causes all kinds of problems in her hotel room and starts moving furniture all around the room and even starts to steal large amounts of food, silverware, cups plates and acts like a completely crazy person.1984 Color 97 minutes
Concrete Cowboy  Tom Selleck, Jerry Reed,  Barbara Mandrell, Morgan Fairchild, Claud Aikens, Roy Acuff. Ex cowboy (Tom Selleck) and his side kick (Jerry Reed) travel the highways and byways of America in search of adventure. Along with Morgan Fairchild they find plenty of it. Made for CBS Television. Also released as "Ramblin' Man". 1979 Color 100 minutes.
Conflict Martin Sheen, Trevor Howard, Cyril Cusack. In the near future, the Catholic church has joined with other western religions in an ecumenical movement that has washed out much of the original message of the religion. A group of Irish monks have begun saying the mass again in Latin and have begun to have an international following. Martin Sheen is sent from Rome to bring them to task and they must confront what is truly essential in their worship and what is not. Made for CBS Television. (aka Catholics) 1973 color 78 minutes.
Congratulations it's a Boy Bill Bixby, Diane Baker, Jack Albertson, Ann Southern, Tom Bosley. A bachelor's life is interrupted by the appearance of a teenager who claims to be his son. Bill Bixby (America's favorite Dad from the series "Courtship of Eddies Father") discovers he has a son he didn't know about and it changes his 'swinger' image. Made for ABC Television. Produced by Aaron Spelling. 1974 Color 90 Minutes.
Crossbar Brent Carver, Kim Cattrall, Kate Reid, John Ireland  The story of an Olympic high jumper, played by Brent Carver, who loses his leg and yet doggedly persists in his pursuit of athletic glory. Released a year before Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope, this made-for-Canadian-TV movie, which also stars Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall, has been described as a tear-jerker. 1979 Color 78 Minutes.
Cry of the Innocent  Rod Taylor, Joanna Pettet, Nigel Davenport, Cyril Cusack. This is an Irish film that premiered on American TV. It's a conspiracy story involving industrial spying and a plane from Rome that crashes in Ireland. It's Rod Taylor's family that is wiped out in the plane crash and, outraged at discovering that it was no accident, he finds a way to gain revenge on the people behind it. Taylor plays an American insurance exec in Ireland with a background as a former Green Beret.  Cyril Cusack is a standout as the Irish police inspector. He is  rumpled, calm and casual, yet brilliant and  steals every scene. Made in Ireland for Television in America. 1980 Color 93 minutes. 
Cry Panic   John Forsythe,  Earl Holliman, Ralph Meeker, and Anne Francis  David Ryder( Forsythe) accidentally hits a pedestrian while on a business trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. He examines the body to find the man dead. He then walks to the nearest house to call the police. He confronts a nervous woman who permits him to use her phone. Once the cops arrive, no body is found. As the mystery deepens, Ryder learns that the town is attempting to cover up a conspiracy of some kind. Ryder becomes the target of those who see him as a danger to their covert scheme.. Forsythe, heretofore known mainly for his rather bland role as "Bachelor Father" and later of "Charlie's Angels" fame, surprises the viewer with one of the best performances ever in a TV film. The talented writer Jack B. Sowards, who helped write the screenplay for the best of the Star Trek movies, "The Wrath of Khan," comes up with a great story of a story. Made for ABC Television. 1974 Color 74 minutes.

Dark Forces Robert Powell, David Hemming,    A modern-day politician is faced with an incomprehensible in this mystical-fantasy. Senator Rast is a very powerful man. But his is nothing compared to the extraordinary power of the enigmatic stranger who mysteriously comes to "visit" him. Possessing uncanny magical prowess and miraculous psychic abilities, the peculiar, but seemingly benevolent, visitor quickly gains a spell-binding hold over the senator and his family. But a power-lusting political backer is also vying for control over the up-and-coming senator. And he would kill the influential stranger, without question, for that power. But he and the senator are about to be enlightened.1980 Color 96 minutes.
David Copperfield,  Richard Attenborough, Dame Edith Evans, Laurence Olivier, Michael Redgrave, Pamela Franklin, Ralph Richardson, Robin Phillips as David Copperfield. Charles Dickens' favorite child was David Copperfield. His is the tale of success triumphing over adversity. A must see for the entire family. What a cast of stars! Made for NBC Television. 1969 Color 188 minutes. 

Deadly Recruits  Terence Stamp, Carmen DuSotoy. Michael Culver, Robin Sachs.  Stamp plays a most irritating government agent. an unusual and unexpectedly intelligent spy thriller made for British television. A motorcycle accident leads two government agents to investigate a series of disappearances from among the best and brightest students at Oxford University. The case takes some unexpected twists. Requires careful attention as well as a nodding acquaintance with British slang on occasions. There is also some nice dry English wit. The cast is good, particularly Michael Culver, a familiar face from films including Thunderball  and The Empire Strikes Back. 1986 Color 92 Minutes. 

Death at Love House Robert Wagner, Kate Jackson, Slyvia Sidney, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Lamour, Marianna Hill and John Carradine.  Donna and Joel Gregory  (Kate and Robert) are staying at the estate of Lorna Love while researching a book about the long dead Hollywood goddess. Joel, who's father had a passionate affair with Lorna, becomes obsessed with her. His wife attempts to break the spell which threatens their marriage and their very lives. TV horrors produced by Aaron Spelling for ABC . 1976 Color 74 minutes.
Death of Ritchie Robbie Bensen, Ben Gazzara This powerful made-for-television drama made a memorable impact on audiences (over NBC ) in the late '70s and has earned a cult following as a result. The story focuses on Richie (Robby Benson), a well-meaning but emotionally confused teen who finds it all too easy to turn to drugs when he feels the world closing in on him. This brings him into conflict with his father, George (Ben Gazzara), a stern man who loves his son, but has trouble expressing his feelings. Both men make genuine attempts to meet each other halfway, but their relationship worsens as social pressures and personal failings drive Richie deeper into his drug addiction. The interaction between father and son becomes violent, resulting in a tragedy for the whole family. The Death of Richie attracted critical acclaim when it was telecast in 1977 for its sensitive but unflinching treatment of difficult family issues, as well as the impressive performances of Benson and Gazzara. 1997 Color 97 minutes.

Death Sentence
Cloris Leachman, Laurence Luckinbill, Nick Nolte, Alan Oppenheimer  A juror on a murder case begins to believe that the man on trial is innocent of the crime - and then discovers that the real killer is her own husband. Made by Twenty Century Fox.
Desperate For Love Christian Slater, Tammy Lauren, Brian Bloom. The story of murder among a trio of teenagers after a boy breaks up with a girl and she runs into the arms of his vulnerable best friend. 1989 Color 93 minutes.
Destination Nightmare  Boris Karloff. Made from a series of four short films hosted by Boris Karloff. He also plays roles in each of them. The individual sequences were meant to be episodes for a proposed TV series that was never sold. The episodes weren't meant to be horror movies but series of supernatural stories based on supposed real life occurrences. They were meant to make you wonder and perhaps give you a little chill down the back of your neck. It reminded me of the successful TV series "One Step Beyond". 1958 B&W.
Disappearance of Flight 412, The Glenn Ford, Bradford Dillman, Guy Stockwell, Greg Mullavey. David Soul. Ford stars as Col. Pete Moore, the commander of a radar testing group. After experiencing strange difficulties with the testing procedure, a group of aircraft sent to investigate disappear mysteriously. Moore, anxious to discover what has happened to his men, runs afoul of other government agencies investigating the possibility of UFO activity in the area. This film was originally broadcast on NBC in 1974, during a period of increased production of TV movies. It stands out, however, for its taut editing and effort by director Jud Taylor (a television veteran and former president of the DGA) to maintain a photographic realism in a science fiction tinged drama. A jet vanishes while chasing a UFO, and the subsequent investigation reveals a huge conspiracy to cover up the event. Starring . Made for TV.1974 Color  120 minutes.

Divorce Hers Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton The story of the breakup of an 18-year marriage, as seen from the points of view of both the husband and the wife. 1973 Color Presented in two parts 180 minutes.

Divorce His 
Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Carrie Nye, Barry Foster. The story of the breakup of an 18-year marriage, as seen from the points of view of both the husband and the wife. 1973 Color presented in two parts.

Dog Gone  Jack Wagner, Daphne Zuniga and Jack Wagner  Kyle's a police officer, and his partner is his dog, Hunter. Hunter gets killed in the line of duty, and his spirit comes back in the body of a criminal named Howie. Howie, with the spirit of Hunter in him, helps Kyle in solving a dastardly plot. AKA  Ghost Dog, a Detective Story. 2003 85 Minutes

Dominique Is Dead  Cliff Robertson, Jean Simmons, Flora Robson, Judy Geeson, David Tomlinson, A millionaire who has recently lost his wife starts believing that he is being haunted by her spirit. The wife of a greedy man comes back to haunt him after he scares her to death in this horror-thriller. He is after her money and must try several times before he finally succeeds. Because she is mentally exhausted from being frightened all the time, she commits suicide, but soon the husband begins experiencing her ghostly presence.1979 Color 98 minutes

Escape From Sobibor
with Alan Arkin and Rutger Hauer. Escape from Nazi death camp weeks before the end of World War II. An important film well acted and authentic. Both Arkin and Hauer were nominated for 1988 Golden Globe awards. Hauer won. Directed by Jack Gold. This is one of the finest and most important films we offer. Triumph of the human spirit. Made For CBS Television Narrated by Howard K. Smith. 1987 Color 143 minutes.

Escapes Vincent Price, Michael Patton, John Michum An anthology of five tales of terror originally produced for video. Vincent Price hosts, "Something's Fishy," "Coffee Break," "Who's There," "Jonah's Dream," and "Think Twice." Directed by David Steensland. 1986 color 72 minutes

F. Scott Fitzgerald & the Last of the Belles Richard Chamberlain, Blythe Danner, Susan Sarandon. F. Scott Fitzgerald and "The Last of the Belles'" was a large budget and highly publicized made for television movie apparently designed to capitalize on interest in Fitzgerald because of the then current release of the theatrical movie "The Great Gatsby" starring Robert Redford. "Belles" is a story within a story. Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, have returned form Europe. Through high living, he is deeply in debt, while his wife Zelda has distanced herself becoming obsessed with being a ballerina, even though she is 30 years old and never had a dance lesson, which indeed was true of the real Zelda. Fitzgerald is out of ideas for new stories and spends the empty hours carousing. Finally, the seed of an idea for a story begins to emerge. The film then alternates between Fitzgerald's life and his story of young soldiers from the north at a training camp in the south during World War I and the southern belles they court. Richard Chamberlain is Fitzgerald and Blythe Danner is Zelda, while David Huffman and Susan Sarandon are the couple in the story.  Made for ABC Television. 1974 Color 93 Minutes.
Fair Play Paul Ford,  Robert Middelton, Terry Wilson. A rather silly comedy western with some kid appeal. Good for a Saturday morning. 1972 Color 83 Minutes.

Father Kino Story, Mission on Horseback  Ricardo Montalban, Cesar Romero,  Rory Calhooun, John Ireland, Victor Jory, Aldo Ray,  Kenan Wynn. Featuring an all-star television cast including Ricardo Montalban of "The Love Boat" and Cesar Romero of "Falcon Crest," The Father Kino Story  is based on the true story of Old West missionary Father Kino. A Jesuit priest who dedicated much of his life to building missions for Native Americans, Father Kino also helped these indigenous residents of California, Arizona and Mexico sustain agricultural communities. This made-for-TV movie chronicles his adventurous and exciting experience in what was, at the time, a "savage" and unknown land. Following the conventions of the Western genre, The Father Kino Story, aka "Mission To Glory" is an edge-of-your-seat ride through unknown territory! 1977 Color 117 Minutes.
Fer-de-Lance aka (Snakes in a Submarine!) David Janssen, Hope Lange, Ivan Dixon, Jason Evers, Charles Knox Robinson An American submarine leaves Tierra Del Fuego, and one of its crew has secretly brought aboard a container full of poisonous snakes which escape storage and bite key personnel on the submarine, causing an accident that cripples the vehicle so that it drops to the bottom of the Southern Ocean. Worse still, the snakes are still at large on the submarine and complicate the efforts of the crew to escape the sunken vessel. One of the best  made-for-TV thrillers ever made. 1973 color 100 minutes.

Richard Roundtree, Andrew Duggan, Val Avery, Vince Edwards, Sheila Frazer. Directed by Alex March. Tensions arise when a previously all-white firehouse gets its first black fireman. An African American youth must deal with both many physical tests and the racism of his peers as he works to become a full-fledged fire fighter in this drama that was originally made as a television pilot. As he is the only black man in an all white unit, things are difficult, especially after he learns that the man he replaced was killed in a fire set by a black arsonist. Richard Roundtree gives an emotional performance as a dedicated black firefighter who is a fish out of water in an all-white firehouse. His character does not beat around the bush when it comes to confronting his co-workers about the race issue. If you like Richard Roundtree, you will enjoy this film. Made for ABC Television. 1972 Color 73 Minutes.

Freddy the Freeloader's Christmas Dinner.
Red Skeleton, Vincent Price, Imogene Cocoa. Freddy the Freeloader sets out to have Xmas dinner in a very expensive New York restaurant with his good friend, the Professor. Along the way he stops in a hospital to entertain some children on Xmas. Red Skelton does a couple of songs on his own & a duet with Vincent Price. Made for CBS. 1981 Color 60 minutes.
Gargoyles  Cornel Wilde, Jennifer Salt, Scott Glenn, Woody Chambliss. An anthropologist/paleontologist and his lovely daughter, while traveling through the southwestern US, stumble upon a colony  of living, breathing gargoyles who in the end only want to be left alone. (Can't we all just be friends?) Made for CBS Television. 1972 color 74 minutes.

Get Christie Love! Teresa Graves, Harry Guardino, Louise Sorel, Paul Stevens. She's one bad mamma jamma! A beautiful policewoman goes undercover to break up a drug ring. A beautiful policewoman goes undercover to break up a drug ring. Teresa Graves started out as one of the bikini-clad dancers on 'Laugh-In' before she landed this somewhat forgotten role. This was another ABC network pilot which seemed to test well. It's significant in that she was the first black actress to have a leading role in a prime time police drama. 1974  color 74 minutes.
Gentle Ben  Dean Cain, Corbin Bensen, Jack Conley. When shady oil tycoon Cal Stryker (Jack Conley) strikes a deal to drill for oil near a wildlife preserve, ranger Jack Wedloe (Dean Cain from TV's 'Lois & Clark') decides to do some investigating. He discovers that more than oil drilling is going on, and finds that illegal toxic waste dumping is occurring and is threatening the home of everyone's favorite bear, Gentle Ben. It is up to Jack and his friends to right this wrong. Made for TV. 2002 Color.
Girl That Came Gift Wrapped, The  Farrah Faucett, Karen Valentine, Richard Long, Tom Bosley. A small-town beauty queen is hired, as a joke, as a "birthday present" for a magazine publisher. Spelling- Goldberg Production. Made for TV (ABC)  1977 Color 74 minutes.

Glass House, The Alan Alda, Billy Dee Williams, Dean Jagger, Vic Morrow, Clu Gulagher,  A young guard and a college professor convicted of manslaughter both start their first day in prison.  aka "Truman Capote's the Glass House". Made for CBS Television by Tomorrow Entertainment. 1972 color.
Good Against Evil Dack Rambo, Dan O'Herlihy, Richard Lynch, Kim Cantrell  ABC-TV pilot about a writer, Rambo, teaming up with an exorcist, O'Herlihy, to battle an exorcist, Lynch, and his group of Devil worshipers. Made for ABC Television by 20th Century Fox. 1977 Color 78 Minutes.
Guilty Conscience Anthony Hopkins, Blythe Danner, Swoosie Kurtz.. Criminal defense attorney Arthur Jamison wants to get a divorce from his wife Louise Jamison. He knows that the downside would be the hefty alimony payments his wife would receive from him. Instead of facing this monetary dilemma, he comes up with an imaginary alter ego to help him plan the perfect murder of his wife. The surprise ending will knock you out of you chair! Made for CBS. 1985 Color 104 minutes.

Guinevere Noah Wyle,  Sherly Lee, Sean Patrick Flannery, Brid Brennan Directed by Ju Taylor. This made-for-TV romance is a reworking of the legend of King Arthur's queen and tells how she forsook her real love and married Arthur in order to bring England together. 1994 Color  Approx. 93 Min.

Gun and the Pulpit Marjoe Gortner, Pamela Sue Martin, Estelle Parsons, Slim Pickens, Geoffrey Lewis, David Huddleston. In the days of the "Wild West", a gunslinger, with a price on his head, discovers the body of a traveling minister who has been killed in an ambush. Fearing those who are following him, he assumes the dead minister's identity. Made for ABC Television. 1974 Color.
Gunfighters, The  Art Hindle, George Kennedy. The Everetts, two brothers and a cousin are trying to make a go of their ranch in Kansas but Deke Turner, someone who wants to see them fail, is doing everything he can to see that happen. The younger brother's hero is Billy the Kid, and while during an argument with someone who works for Turner, he kills him in self-defense but Turner makes it appear that he killed an unarmed man. He is then urged by his brother to run. When he is caught and is about to be brought back to Kansas to be hung, his brother and cousin break him out. And now pegged as outlaws, they decide to get back at Turner by robbing him. Made for Television. 1987 color 86 minutes.
Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones Part One Booth Powers, Ned Betty, Diane Ladd,  LeVar Burton, Randy Quaid, James Earl Jones.  Based upon the true story of Jim Jones, a self proclaimed prophet. Jim Jones had a loyal following of about 1000 people, who had donated their entire life savings to him to join his commune. When possible illegal activities came to the attention of the authorities, they started to investigate. Rather that faces the charges, Jim Jones committed suicide, and convinced virtually All of his followers to do the same. James Earl Jones makes a small appearance as Father Divine. The dialogue used in the mass suicide/murder scene near the end of the film was taken almost word-for-word from an audiocassette found in a portable tape recorder under Jim Jones' chair. The tape recorder had weak batteries and was running at a much slower than normal speed, allowing the entire event to be recorded. The song "Welcome" that the choir sings is taken from a recording of the actual People's Temple Choir. Made for CBS Television. 1980 Color 

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones Part two Made for CBS Television. 1980 Color 192 minutes
Hands Of A Stranger  Paul Lukather, Joan Harvey, James Stapelton. The line to advertise this film was ... "They gave him the hands of a killer!" A surgeon must graft new hands on a concert pianist to replace his badly mangled ones. However, after the operation, the pianist comes to believe that his new hands have a mind of their own, and are trying to force him to commit evil acts. This film being shot in black and white was not made for TV but it was so popular in TV in the 70's we added it to this collection. 1962 B&W 95 minutes.
Hanged Man, The   Steve Forrest, Dean Jagger, Will Geer, Sharron Acker.  A western with physic overtones. A gunfighter survives his own hanging and discovers that he has the power to read people's minds. He decides to use his powers to help people, and comes across a young widow who is trying to keep a ruthless land baron from taking her ranch. Made by Bing Crosby Productions for ABC Television. 1974 color 73  minutes>
Hard Knox Robert Conrad, Red West, Joan Sweeny, Bill Erwin. A retired fighter pilot tough guy becomes head of his alma mater military school. This two week experience is something the school will never forget. There are lots of laughs, but the consequence is the students are shaped up, the school takes on another military academy and shines. Wild Wild West TV star Conrad plays Col Joe Knox and does the job. Made for NBC Television.  1984 Color  93 minutes. 

Heat of Anger Susan Hayward, Lee J. Cobb A woman attorney and her young associate defend a wealthy contractor accused of murdering an ironworker who was having an affair with the contractor's daughter. Great cast in this tense court room drama made for CBS Television. 1972 Color 74 minutes.
Heidi Maxi million Shell, Jean Simmons, Walter Slezak. A good adaptation of the oft told story that through no fault of its own, became embroiled in a U.S. broadcasting brouhaha known to this day as the "Heidi Bowl." On Sunday, 17 Nov 1968, the NBC television network was scheduled to begin airing "Heidi" at 7pm Eastern Standard Time, following coverage of an American Football League game between the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. The game ran long; however, with the Jets leading the Raiders, 32-to-29, NBC broke away to begin "Heidi" on schedule. During the remaining minute of play (which was extended by penalties and timeouts), Oakland managed to score two touchdowns, and ended up beating New York, 43-to-32. Outraged football fans inundated NBC switchboards. The network expressed regret, saying it had intended to stay with the football game until it ended, and blaming a series of miscommunications for the gaffe. A result of this fiasco is that NFL television contracts require games to be televised in their entirety. The film did win an Emmy for it's musical score. 1968 B&W 105 minutes.

Hijack David Jansen,  Keenan Wynn Jansen and Wynn are truckers driving a mysterious cargo from Los Angeles to Houston who find themselves facing all sorts of hazards while trying to complete their mission. This exciting "rules of the road" film also stars Jeanette Nolan Lee Purcell and William Schallert. 1973 Color 83 minutes

Hit Lady
  Yvette Mimieux, Dack Rambo,  Clu Gulager, Joseph Campanella, Keenan Wynn,. A beautiful young artist moonlights as a syndicate killer. Produced by Aaron Spelling and written by Yvette Mimieux, who stars it, plays a woman in a man's job - she's a hit woman. Though very successful knocking people off, she gets tired of it and, in love with Rambo, wants to retire from the business and live with him in Mexico. Her costars, besides Rambo, are- basically all men. Made for ABC Television. 1974 Color 74 Minutes.

Hitler's SS Portrait of Evil  John Shea, Tony Randal, Jose Ferrer, Bill Nighy This movie views the rise of the Nazi regime from the perspective of two brothers, who are very ordinary people. At first each brother views the Nazis as just another political party. One brother becomes a full-time SS officer working for Heydrich, the other (who actually became a Nazi before his brother did) sees the evil of the Nazis sooner, and suffers for his outspokeness. The strength of the movie is its portrayal of ordinary Germans during this time period, and how they become caught up in the ugliness of the Nazi regime.l.1985 Color 140 minutes

The Hobbit John Huston. Animated Fantasy. Hobbits are simple folk. Small people with hairy feet, they are not cut out for adventure and prefer to laze about and eat. A particular hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, is taken by surprise one morning when the mighty wizard Gandalf  knocks at his door. Soon Bilbo finds himself inducted into a party of dwarves bent on reclaiming their mountain from the deadly fire-breathing dragon, Smaug. Insisting that the timid Bilbo is a master thief, Gandalf insures the danger-loving dwarves that the quest will include many mishaps and perilous encounters with goblins, trolls, and dwarf-eating spiders. Among other things that the reluctant Bilbo discovers on this amazing journey is an enchanted ring that turns its wearer invisible, and soon the hobbit transforms from a master bumbler into a master burglar. Based on the beloved novel by J.R.R. Tolkien.  Color  John Huston Narrator animated 1997 Color 1:35 two Disks

Home at Last  Frank Converse, Adrien Brody, Caroline Lagerfelt, Sascha Radetsky. A delightful story of boys, animals and family. This is a straightforward story told simply, making it enjoyable family entertainment. Life in the 1800s on the peaceful Anderson homestead takes a turn after they adopt and orphaned little boy named Billy. Family appeal movie. Made for Public Television. 1988 Color 58 Minutes.

Honor Thy Father
Brenda Vaccaro, Joseph Bologna. Narrated by Joseph Campanella, Story of the rise and fall of the Bonanno organized crime family. Based on the book by Gay Talese, Made for CBS Television 1973 Color 100 Minutes.

How Awful About  Alan Anthony Perkins, Julie Harries, Joan Hackett, Kent Smith, Molly  Dodd. A young man who is tormented with guilt over his father's death years before starts hearing strange voices and feeling the presence of an unknown force that seems to be menacing him. Produced for ABC Television by Aaron Spelling.  1970 Color 93 minutes.

 Lynda (Wonder woman) Carter, Steve Forrest, Granville Van Dusen, Monte Markham, James Booth. Hotline is a made-for television movie that will  keep you on edge for the duration. Lynda Carter does a fine job as the lead role, playing a character named Brianne O'Neill who takes a job at a hotline crisis center. Soon she receives calls from a man using bizarre, macabre nursery rhymes and calling himself "The Barber". He describes his murderous activities and inclinations over the phone, and the suspense builds as the killer closes in on O'Neill, all the while repeatedly reporting his deeds to her over the phone. Made for CBS Television. 1982 Color 96 minutes.

Hurricane Larry Hagman, Barry Sullivan, Jessica Walter, Will Geer, Martin Milner. A relaxing weekend by the sea becomes a battle for survival when a killer hurricane strikes. Tidal waves over thirty feet high and thunderous, destructive winds batter the coastline. An all-star cast fight overwhelming odds to escape the incredible destructive power of the hurricane. Using actual footage of hurricane "Camille" and a plethora of special effects, "Hurricane" is a pulse pounding vision of nature's savage fury! Made for ABC Television. 1974 color 74 minutes.
Hustling Lee Remick, Monte Markham, Jill Clayburgh, Alex Rocco, Melanie Mayron, Hope Atkinson, Burt Young. Based on Gail Sheehy's book, this film chronicles how a reporter for a New York City magazine decided to investigate the city's prostitution industry to find out just who was making all the money. What she found out caused a firestorm of controversy--that many of the city's richest and most powerful families and corporations benefited directly and indirectly from the illegal sex business. 1975  color 98 minutes.

If Tomorrow Comes  Patty Duke, Frank Michael Liu, Anne Baxter, James Whitmore, Anne Baxter.  California, a young Caucasian girl and a Japanese-American boy defy local prejudices and secretly marry--on Dec. 7, 1941, minutes before Pearl Harbor is attacked. 1971 Color 73 minutes.

In This House of Breede Dianna Rigg. A well-to-do London businesswoman gives up her comfortable life, including the man who loves her, to become a cloistered Benedictine nun. The movie recounts the quest for individual spirituality, grief, loneliness, the questioning of one's personal decisions, jealousy, envy, discipline, and most importantly, love. The character of Dame Phillipa (Diana Rigg) is one who feels deeply, but builds up very thick walls for her own protection. Rigg's performance manages to express pain, grief, and inner turmoil while holding back the tears. Made for CBS Television. 1975 Color 105 minutes.

In  Search of America Jeff Bridges, Carl Betz, Vera Miles and Sal Mineo. Directed by Paul Bogart. The late 60's was a different and frightening time and place. Adolescents and adults alike were questioning who they were, why they existed, and whether these gosh-darned flower children kids might just have something. This groovy time capsule movie shows all that as suburban Dad, Carl Betz, flower child Jeff Bridges, loose-as-a-goose grandma Ruth McDevitt take off for the road in search of America. Made for CBS Television 1971 Color.
Incident on a Dark Street William Shatner, James Olsen, Richard Castellano A small-time hood is murdered just as he is about to blow the whistle on an organized crime ring. Made for NBC produced by 20th Century Fox Television. 1973 Color 93 minutes.
Intimate Agony  Anthony Geary, Judith Light, Mark Harmon, Robert Vaughn. This filmed originally aired on ABC Television  in 1983 to deal with the stunning spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The film is a morality play that deals with what was then a growing epidemic, herpes as a sexually transmitted disease. Ironically, not long after this film aired, the spread of AIDS was making worldwide headlines. How tragic that these circumstances render "Intimate Agony" nearly moot. Made For Television. 1983 Color 95 minutes.
It's Good To Be Alive Lou Gossett Jr., Paul Winfield, Ruby Dee. The story of former Brooklyn Dodger catcher Roy Campanella, whose career was cut short in 1959 when he lost the use of his legs in an auto accident. This made for CBS Television movies was directed by Michaek Landon. 1974 color 100 minutes.

Jack Frost Christmas TV Special
Robert Morse, Buddy Hackett, Larry Storch, Dave  Garroway, Dee Stratton, Debra Clinger and Paul Frees. Produced and Directed by Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass. This is a love story told by a loveable and wise old groundhog by the name of Pardon-Me-Pete. It's about a girl that is so beautiful that she melts the heart of old Jack Frost himself. There must be some Christmas magic in the snowflakes cause as Jack falls head over heels in love with Elisa the prettiest girl in town of January Junction, he turns into a real boy. Just as their love affairs starts to flourish Elisa is captured by Kubla Kraus the Cossack and his hateful band of mechanical men. Jack has to muster all his icy powers to vanquish the enemy.  This is surely one of the most unique of the Rankin Bass made for TV animated holiday specials. 1979 Color 48 minutes.
James Dean Michael Brandon, Meg Forster, Steven McHathie, Candy Clark, Dane Clark, Jayne Meadows, Julian Burton. A dramatization of the story of legendary movie actor James Dean. The film's writer, William Bast, had roomed with Dean in the early '50s, when both were trying to break into films as actors. Dean, played by the gifted Stephen McHattie, has returned home to find his sensitive roommate sulking in the dark over the sudden realization that the mercurial Dean is broadening his horizons and slipping away from him. By no means unmoved, Dean's response is to read aloud a particularly meaningful passage from his favorite book "The Little Prince". And as he reads consolingly, dramatically; you can see the joy he takes in forming the words, the pleasure he derives from sharing them with an audience, the immense respect he has for the piece itself. The scene plays out as a sort of communion, with Dean seeming to re-absorb the passage as a way of purifying himself. His roommate is mesmerized at this level of devotion to craft and only then begins to appreciate what his friend is becoming, has become. Made For Television. 1976 Color 94 Minutes.
Jane Eyre George C. Scott, Susannah York, Ian Bannen, Rachel Kempton, Jack Hawkins, Jean Marsh, directed by Delbert Mann. Hailed by critics as nearly as good as the early black and white release. Although filmed in color with great production values, this is a darker, more brooding and gothic version of the classic Bronte novel. Scott gives a powerful performance as the tortured Mr. Rochester, and Jean Marsh of "Upstairs Downstairs" fame does a turn as his first wife. Shown in Europe on the big screen but only played on Television in the USA. 1974 Color 106 minutes.

Katherine Sissy Spacek, Art Carney, Henry Winkler, Jane Wyatt.  A harrowing look at the 60s and early 70s through the eyes of Katherine Alman, a wealthy debutante who slowly, but inexorably spirals down into a fight for the causes that shook a nation, leading a path to the underground life. Made for ABC Television. 1975 Color 125  minutes.
Killing of Randy Webster Hal Holbrook, Dixie Carter, James Whitmore Jr., Barry Corbin   A young man is shot and killed in an altercation with Houston police. His father doesn't believe the police version of the incident and starts digging around on his own. A psychologically abused teen, unable to settle down, goes to another city and gets himself bumped off by the local law. His distraught parents then spend several years trying to prove the police had no business shooting the boy, who the police said had a gun at the time of his death. Good drama about a pair of parents who were unfit for their role as childraisers, but who cared enough to seek justice for their child's death. 1981 Color 90 minutes.

Keeping the Promise Keith Carradine, Annette O'Toole, Brendan Fletcher. Based on the children's novel, 'Sign Of The Beaver', this is a sensitive and intelligent period piece, for the most part underplayed - a style which lends the movie a ring of authenticity. The cast is excellent, but the movie belongs to the young Canadian Brendan Fletcher as Matt Hallowell, surviving alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. There are several particularly moving scenes, carried by Fletcher's appealing screen presence. Surely he is a big star of the future. There is also a heart-rending performance from Annette O'Toole as the much-enduring mother with a catch in her throat that could melt the stoniest heart. I don't wish to give the impression this is mawkish or sentimental in any way, it isn't, but what keeps me going back to it as well as Brendan Fletcher's performance, is the soundtrack, which is haunting and evocative.    1975 Color 125 minutes
Lady and the Highwayman Hugh Grant, Oliver Reed, Michael York, John Mills, Emma Sands, Gordon Jackson, Claire Bloom. Based on Barbara Cartland's romance novel. The young lady Panthea Vyne falls in love with the handsome highwayman who saves her from her brutal husband. He kills him in a fair duel. Later on when Charles the 2nd is reinstated as King of England she attends the royal court. But here she becomes the enemy of the kings former mistress and the plot against her thickens. Gainsborough Pictures. Directed by John Hough. Made for Television. 1989 Color 100 minutes.
Lassie's Great Adventure June Lockhart, Jon Provost  Lassie and her young master struggle for survival in the Canadian wilderness. At one harrowing point in their adventures, they end up sailing wildly through the air, as their hot-air balloon has become unfastened by a windstorm! 1962 Color 103 minutes.

Last Days Of Patton, The George C. Scott  Eva Marie Saint. Following the close of World War II, General George S. Patton is seriously injured in a car accident and not expected to survive. "The Last Days of Patton" tells the story of these last few months of the General's life and the Army Medical Corps efforts to save him. Intermixed with flashbacks, the film also shows Patton's earlier career as a fledging tank commander during the First World War. Emmy Award Winning made for TV movie Directed by Delbert Mann. 1986 Color.
Last Song, The Lynda Carter, Ronnie Cox, Paul Rudd, Nicholas Pryor. Movie about a Love Canal like town, Landry Texas, that is about to explode with long buried toxins seeping out of the ground and effecting everyone there, man and animal alike, through the water supply as well as the air itself. After a young boy was found dead at the bottom of a shaft on the Buckhurst Industries site the owners of the company went all out to prevent the truth from coming out. Lynda Carter plays the  singer, housewife, private investigator and action hero, or heroine, not only playing detective to break the case wide open but also flying up and down the skies of Texas with helicopter pilot Sid Pachanski (Ronny Cox), to get the jump on the bad guys before the turn Lawery Texas, by causing a tractor-trailer truck loaded with the deadly 10-45T to explode and the area to become uninhabitable. Besides being the reluctant heroine, at first all Brooke wanted to do is get out of town with her young daughter and away from the hit men, Brooke also had a chance to sing the title song "The Last Song" in the film. Produced by Motown Productions and made for Television. 1980 Color 96 minutes.
Legend of Valentino, The  Franco Nero, Suzanne Pleshette, Judd Hirsch, Yvette Mimieux, Milton Berle.   A "dramatization" of the life of actor Rudolph Valentino, widely regarded as the screen's first male sex symbol. Franco Nero, is more than credible as Valentino. Milton Berle appears as movie mogul Jesse Lasky. Seldom seen since it's first broadcast on ABC. 1975 Color 100 minutes.

Letters from Three Lovers June Allyson, Ken Berry, Barry Sullivan, Juliet Mills, Lyle Waggoner. Three letters, whose delivery has been delayed by a year, change the lives of the people to whom they were addressed. Made for ABC Television 1973 Color 75 minutes.

Little Christmas Burro Lorne Greene Narrator. This is a charming animated Christmas Story told by Lorne Greene. Made For Television. 1978 Color.

Little Ladies of the Night  David Soul, Lou Gossett Jr., Carolyn Jones, Vic Tayback, Linda Purl. The sister of ex-pimp and current Los Angeles Police detective Kyle York (David Soul) was murdered working the streets a few years ago. Since his reform, he has teamed with Officer Russ Garfield (Louis Gossett Jr.) to clear the streets of under-age girls working in prostitution. Pretty, young runaway Hailey Atkins (Linda Purl) has been turned out. Down deep she wants to go straight but has had great difficultly escaping her pimp and doesn't even have a place to go. York and Garfield go out on a limb to try and help. Made for TV Aaron Spelling Production for ABC. 1977 Color 120 minutes.
Littlest Angel, The  Johnny Whitaker  Johnny Whitaker, Fred Gwynne, Tony Randal, Cab Calloway, Connie Stevens, James Coco, John McGiver. Ten-year-old Johnny Whitaker was still playing little red-headed "Jody" on the "Family Affair" television series (with Sebastian Cabot and Brian Keith) when he portrayed a little shepherd boy lured off the side of a cliff by a white dove sent by God (E. G. Marshall) in this musical television special. Killed by the fall, the boy wakes up in heaven, where he encounters a guardian angel named Patience (Fred Gwynne), choir-leader Gabriel (Cab Calloway); ancient Greek atomic theorist Democritus (Tony Randall)  and an attractive blonde angel known as "Flying Mistress" (Connie Stevens). John McGiver and James Coco also appear in this heartwarming story of a deceased child's gradual acclimation to his new home in heaven. 1969 Color.
Love is Forever  Priscilla Presley, Michael Langdon, Jürgen Prochnow, Edward Woodward. Film based in a real life event: the story of a foreign journalist in Laos who is declared "non grata person" by the Communist regime. Made for NBC Television. 1983 Color 96 minutes.
Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring Sally Field, Eleanor Parker, David Carradine, Jackie Cooper.  The story of America's throw away kids. Dennie (Sally Field) has returned from a year among the hippies to her superficial, image-conscious suburban family. She must face their disapproval of her actions. They refuse to even try to understand. She must also deal with an ex-lover, and a beloved young sister who is following in her footsteps, wanting the idealistic hippie life but making some rash decisions in the process.1971 Color 74 minutes.
Mazes and Monsters Tom Hanks, Wendy Crewson,   David Wallace, Peter Donat, Vera Miles. Seen on CBS Television as Rona Jaffe's Mazes and Monsters, a group of young people are bound together by a desire to play the game Dungeons and Dragons. Robbie (Tom Hanks) and his four college classmates decide to move the board game into the local legendary cavern. Robbie starts having visions for real, and the line between reality and fantasy fuse into a harrowing adventure. Also known as Dungeons and Dragons.  1982 Color 100 minutes.
Message To My Daughter Robert Michael Lewis, Bonnie Bedelia, Martin Sheen, Kitty Winn. A confused teenager discovers a stack of tapes recorded years earlier by her dying mother. Made for Television. 1973 Color 76 minutes.
Mission Monte Carlo Tony Curtis, Roger Moore, Susan George, Laurence  Naismith. Actually two episodes from the popular TV series spliced together as a made for TV movie. Entertaining reminder of the action series from the 70's. 1974 color 102 minutes.

Moon Of The Wolf, The  David Jansen, Barbara Rush, Bradford Dillman, John Davis Chandler.A Louisiana sheriff investigates a series of horrifying killings in the depths of the bayou. . Creepy atmosphere, good story, fine direction, excellent photography and effective music. Made for ABC TV.  1972 Color 75 minutes

Murder on Flight 502  Robert Stack, Poly Bergan, Ralph Bellamey, Dane Clark, Theodore Bikel, Hugh O'Brien, Walter Pigeon, Farrah Faucet, Fernando Lamas, Sonny Bono, Laraine Day, George Mararas.  A jumbo jet leaves New York. After the plane has departed, a note is found in the first class lounge with an ominous message left by a passenger threatening to kill some of the passengers. At first it is thought to be a sick joke, but soon a man posing as a priest and a stewardess are killed. It is up to the captain to find the killer before the body count increases. Made for TV (ABC) Spelling-Goldberg Productions 1975 Color 100 Minutes.

Murder Once Removed John Forsythe, Barbara Bain, Joseph Campanella, Richard Kiley, The perfect crime was death by prescription. A doctor and the wife of one of his wealthy patients hatch a plot to get rid of her husband so they can be together and get his money. AKA The Obsessive Doctor. Seen on CBS TV produced by Metromedia. 1971 Color 90 Minutes.
Murder Story Christopher Lee, Bruce Boa. Tony Zonis wants to write the next great suspense thriller, so he decides to study the work of master crime writer, Willard Hope (Christopher Lee). Together, they pick through newspaper stories, looking for the unusual event that will make a good thriller. What they find is murder. A government international scandal...and the bodies are just beginning to fall into place. Now Tony isn't just writing the next best-seller....he's writing his own obituary. 1989 Color 98 minutes.

New Adventures of Heidi, The
Burl Ives, Katy Kurtzman, John Gavin, Marilyn Mason, Sean Marshal.   Heidi leaves the mountains of Switzerland for a trip to New York City. Burl Ives plays Grandfather who is going blind. Originally shown as a "NBC Thanksgiving Holiday Special Presentation. There are some touching Christmas scenes in this film including, This is Christmas. 1978 Color 98 minutes.
No Place To Run  Herschel Bernardi,  Scott Jacoby, Steffaine Powers, Larry Hagman, Tom Bosley. An adopted boy's parents are killed, and to keep him from returning to the state's custody, he and his grandfather run. This ABC "Movie of the Week" was a real tear-jerker, about a young boy (very well played by Scott Jacoby) and his renegade grandfather (the incomparable Herschel Bernardi), running away to Canada (close parallels there to the extant Vietnam War), in order to escape parental authority. The theme song (by the talented, now veteran songwriter, Paul Williams) still rings in my head: "Leave us alone, we live in the country...etc." Get out the hankies, maybe old, recycled ones, nevertheless, prepare to cry. 1972 Color 73 minutes.

Of Mice And Men 
Randy Quaid, Robert Blake, Lew Ayers,Ted Neeley, Mitch Ryan. A TV adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel. George and Lenny travel through the Depression-era west working at odd jobs, hoping to make enough money to buy their own farm. George must always watch over his mentally retarded friend, and keep him out of danger, both to himself and to others. After they take a new job at a ranch, Lenny gets into far more trouble than George can talk his way out of, leaving George to decide whether to help him, or leave him to his fate. Many beleieve this is the best version of the Steinbeck novel. Robert Blake is amazing as George. The humanity and depth of feeling he exhibits for Lennie is evident but not overly done. Randy Quaid shows off his wonderful dramatic ability that first became apparent in the big time with "The Last Detail." Those folks who only remember Quaid from the "Vacation" films are in for a surprise. 1981 Color 150 minutes.

Only With Married Men  
David Birney, Dom DeLuise, John Aston, Judy Carne, Michele Lee, Gavin MacLeod.  A girl decides that she will only date married men, and she runs into a bachelor who tells women that he is married in order to avoid long-term commitments. This was an ABC Movie of the week which is a little "racier" than most. Review before scheduling where children view. 1974 Color 90 minutes.

Over The Hill Gang Rides Again  Walter Brennan, Edgar Buchannan, Parley Baer, Andy Devine, Chill Wills,  Fred Astaire, Lana Wood.  Walter Brennan is back as the clever and funny over the hill Texas Ranger Nash Crawford. This time the gang must face corruption in their own home town. The gang put their heads together to clean up their town, take back the rule of law and rehabilitate the town lush (played by Fred Astaire) along with way. Made for ABC Television 74 minutes.
Over The Hill Gang  Pat O'Brien, Ricky Nelson,  Edward Buchannan, Chill Wills, Gypsy Rose Lee, Andy Devine. Classic comedic western, Captain Oren Hayes (Pat O'Brien) of the Texas Rangers takes a break to visit his daughter in a neighboring town. When he arrives he find's his daughter Hannah's (Kristin Harmon) husband Jeff (Ricky Nelson) is running for Mayor against a corrupt town boss, Nard Lundy (Edward Andrews). Lundy has no intention of allowing the free election of the honest Jeff Rose, so he has his henchmen beat them up. Hayes then calls for the help of some his old buddies in the Rangers. Upon arriving in town, they realize quickly that age has caught up with them and they must rely on their sheer wits to out-smart and defeat Lundy. Made for ABC Television. 1969 Color 75 minutes.

Panic in Echo Park Dorian Harewood, Robin Gamwell, Regis Cordic, James Hong.  A young black M.D. tries to prove that the community of Echo Park is endangered by a deadly epidemic. But he has to fight his superior in the hospital and city government who accuse him of just causing panic. Made for NBC Television. 1977 color 72 minutes.

Paper  Man Dean Stockwell Stephanie Powers, James Stacey. Early techno thriller that foresaw the whole issue of identity fraud when national credit cards were just a few years in existence. Four college students take advantage of a credit card mistakenly issued to someone who doesn't exist, then use their university's computer to erase the charges they run up. But the computer seems to have some ideas of its own ... Seen in theaters first and then released by Twentieth Century Fox to CBS Television. 1971 color 75 minutes.

Payback Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Answer,  Denis Arndt, Fredric Lane, Adam Scott, Kate Asner .Kathryn (Mary Tyler Moore) runs a restaurant but one night she calls the police after she sees a suspicious man waiting in his car. However Kathryn sees one of the three police officers, Kaleen, assault the man with their sticks and kicking them. Under advice from Jack, the police internal investigator, she tells a court and Kaleen is put on suspension and kept to his rank for the rest of the career. However Kathryn gets weird phone calls, her son is arrested for murder and her teaching husband's career is threatened by checks on his record. All of this is because Kaleen is out for revenge and he plans to use the law and his friends in the police to do it. Only Kathryn, her family and Jack stands in his way. Filmed in Portland, Oregon. 1997 Color 94 minutes

People, The  William Shatner, Dan O'Herlihy.  "The People" is based entirely on one of Zenna Henderson's short stories, "Pottage", which appeared in the brilliant book "Pilgrimage: The Book of the People" back in the '60s. "Pottage" is the darkest of the stories, centering on a group of people living in fear and isolation in the tiny town of Bendo, and the teacher, Melody, who learns the truth of their origins and the secrets they keep. Kim Darby plays Melody with warmth, but the frustration, determination, and courage in the story is somehow muted in her performance. William Shatner plays Dr. Curtis, who has a somewhat expanded role in the movie version. Dan O'Herlihy's performance as the stern Sol Deimus is the best translation of the character to the screen. 1972 Color 74 minutes.
Pied Piper of Hamlin, The Van Johnson, Kay Starr, Claude Rains, Jim Backus, directed by Bretaigne Windust, produced by Hal Stanley. Colorful musical adaptation with Van Johnson as the forlorn piper seeking to have Hamelin's Mayor, Claude Rains, keep his promise of payment for ridding the village of its rodent population by threatening to rid the town of all its children as well. Made for Television. 1957 Color 87 minutes.

Pinocchio  Sandy Dennis, Flip Wilson and Danny Kaye. Charming made for TV musical. This tuneful children's adventure offers another retelling of the classic tale of a marionette who achieves his dream of becoming a real live boy. Color USA 1976 76 minutes.
Pioneer Woman William Shatner, Jonna Pettet, Helen Hunt.  In 1867 a Wyoming family faces the ultimate tragedy as the father is killed and the mother must carry on and determine the fate of the family. A story of hope and courage oft repeated by pioneers. One of the first choice the wife must decide is to whether to remain or take her son and daughter back East. Made for NBC Television. 1973 Color 74 minutes.
Portrait of a Show Girl  Rita Moreno, Lesley Ann Warren, Dianne Kay, Tony Curtis .An interesting melodrama as three dancers of differing skill levels who are hired for a new revue in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace, where the picture is set, and focuses upon various travails within their private lives as they prepare for the opening of their show, with the eponymous Warren's character deservedly garnering the most screen time. As a Broadway dancer recruited for the engagement, Warren plays high-stepping Jillian Brooks, whose need for success upon the stage is altered by her affairs of the heart, while Moreno portrays a veteran hoofer whose husband (Tony Curtis) is a sucker for entrepreneurial scam artists, and Kay is an inexperienced beauty queen from the Midwest. Made for CBS TV. Color 1982 94 minutes.
Power, Passion and Murder Michelle Pfeiffer, Darren McGavin and Stella Stevens Set during the '30s, this made-for-television sudser tells the melodramatic tale of a beautiful Hollywood starlet who throws away her promising career for the love of a married man.  1978 Color 102 minutes.

Powderkeg Rod Taylor, Dennis Cole,  Fernando Lamas, John McIntire. A Mexican bandit is about to be executed in the United States. So his brother takes over a train and holds the passengers as hostages unless his brother is released. Now both the Americans and Mexicans are baffled as to what to do. But one of the passengers, who wrote the letter for their captor, has a suggestion; call Hank Brackett and Johnny Reech, two mercenaries. Which they do. And as expected they do come up with a plan but the President of the Railroad is not sure if it will work. 1970 Color 1970
Pride of Jesse Hallum, The Johnny Cash, Brenda Vaccaro, Eli Wallach There are 25 million functional illiterates in the United States, and this film made for television is purportedly based upon events in the life of one of them, Jesse Hallam, portrayed by Johnny Cash, primarily about Hallam's troubles after moving to a large city (Cincinnati). Hallam, a miner since 14 from the Coal Fields sector of Western Kentucky in Muhlenberg County, has no choice but to leave his country home when his young daughter requires spinal surgery in the Ohio metropolis, paid with cash in advance obtained from the sale of his property after his wife's death. He pits his native intelligence and work ethic against the problem of not being able to read or write, and discovers that in order to support himself and his two children, he must become literate; scenes involving the methods used in developing his new skills are the most engrossing of the production. Brenda Vaccaro plays Marion Galucci, vice-principal of the high school which Jesse's son Tully attends. One must appreciate the spirited performance of veteran Eli Wallach as her father Sal, employer and sponsor of the erstwhile coal miner. Made for CBS Television. 1981 Color 97 minutes.

Prisoner In The Middle David Janssen, Karin Dor, Christopher Stone. The accidental launching of a top secret nuclear warhead brings Arab terrorists and Israeli soldiers into a brutal competition; each wants to possess the weapon, and wield its destructive power. It is up to a nuclear expert who makes a solo attempt to disarm the bomb and keep it from the fanatics' hands. Made for CBS Television 1974 Color 87 Minutes
Promise of  Love Shelly Long, Craig T. Nelson, Valerie Bertinelli, Jameson Parker In this comment on the tragic effects of The Vietnam War. Ms.Bertinelli plays a young widow of a US Marine. Who is killed during America's intervention into Vietnam.  With her husband dead and the military trying to force her to return to her family. Ms. Bertinelli refuses to give up her home and be treated like a pampered child. Unable to work with the military's unsuccessful social programs. She gets a job with the director of the base's rec center (played by Parker Stevenson. Best remembered for his previous TV efforts on "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries" and for playing one half of "Simon & Simon. Who not only helps her enjoy her life again but gives her the strength to move on. The plot is predictable. But Valerie Bertinelli performances makes this film an enjoyable flick worth watching. Made for CBS Television. 1980 Color 76 minutes.
Punch and Jody Glenn Ford, Parley Baer, Billy Barty, Ruth Roman, Kathleen Widdoes, Don 'Red' Barry. Glen Ford as a circus grafter who meets a young woman claiming to be his daughter. Made for NBC Television  1974 Color 78 minutes.

Red Skelton's Christmas Dinner Red Skelton, Vincent Price 1981 color 60 minutes
Rehearsal for Murder Patrick McNee, Robert Preston, Lynn Redgrave. A noted playwright is devastated by the apparent suicide of his fiancée, a famous film actress, after her Broadway debut in one of his plays. On the first year anniversary of her death, he arranges a reunion of cast and crew from that fateful opening night. He asks them to read for parts in his new play, but in reality he believes that his fiancée was murdered, and that someone at the rehearsal is the killer. Made for CBS Television.1982 Color 96 minutes.

Rescue From Gilligan's Island  Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Jim Bacus, Russel Johnson. When a decaying Russian satellite crashes on the island, the Professor uses a key component for a barometer. With that device, he learns that a massive wave is going to swamp the island. In desperation, the castaways lash their huts together into one structure in order to have any chance to ride the disaster out. The wave strikes the island and the hut is swept out to sea. Once there, Gilligan accidents starts a fire trying to cook a meal and nearly burns the floating hut down. Occupied with stopping the fire, the gang fails to notice that the smoke caught the attention of a naval helicopter who summoned a ship to rescue the castaways. In triumph, they return to Hawaii, only to learn that things have changed over the years and they will have trouble fitting in. To further complicate matters, two Russian spies are after that the key component that Gilligan now wears as necklace. 1978 Color 95 minutes.
Return To Fantasy Island Ricardo Montalban, Herve Villechaize,  Adrenne Barbeau, Pat Crowley, Joseph Campanella, Karen Valentine, Laraine Day, Joseph Cotton, Cameron Mitchell.  Mr Roarke and Tatoo are back in this nicely done 1978 TV Movie. These are not from the TV series. The stories are darker and more mysterious than the TV series.  where 3 fantasies are brought to life 1.A couple ventures to meet the daughter that they gave up for adoption 12 years ago as long as they don't divulge their identity to her which Mr. Roarke has taken strict measures to enforce.2.A beautiful executive is lured to the island under false pretenses assuming that she is striking a lucrative business deal but is tricked by her employee who wants to confess his love for her.3.A young couple whose wife suffers from amnesia caused by a mysterious incident 4 years ago. Their past is recreated as a cure for her sickness. 1978 Color 94 minutes.
Rogue Male   Peter O'Toole, John Standing, Alastair Sim.  Early in 1939 Sir Robert Thorndyke takes aim at Adolph Hitler with a high powered rifle, but the shot misses its mark. Captured and tortured by the Gestapo and left for dead, Sir Robert makes his way back to England where he discovers the Gestapo has followed him. Knowing that his government would turn him over to German authorities, Sir Robert goes underground in his battle with his pursuers. The plot is marvelously gritty, with a brutal struggle for survival and a sense of desperation rarely seen in British films. Made for BBC Television. 1976 Color 103 minutes.

Run Simon Run Burt Reynolds, Inger Stevens,  James Best. Reynolds plays an Indian who gets out of jail in the opening sequence. The rest of the movie details how he got there and want happens to the people who put him there.  Produced by Arron Spelling Color
Sandcastles  Hershel Bernadi, Jan Michael Vincent, Bonnie Belinda, Marriette  Hartley. A young man who dies in an auto accident returns from the dead to meet up with the young woman who tried to save him. A spellbinder love story  made for CBS Television. 1972 Color.
Santa and The Three Bears Hal Smith, Robby Rea, Jean Vander Ply,  Joyce Taylor. Full length animated Christmas Special with real juvenile appeal. Directed and written by Tony Benedict. Distributed in Canada by Cineplex and in the USA by Warner Bros (home) and Stellar Film Associates (television.) 1970 Color 76 minutes.

Satan's School for Girls Cheryl Ladd, Kate Jackson Pamela Anderson, Roy Thinnes. David Lowell Rich's "Satan's School for Girls" is an atmospheric, early 1970's horror/mystery which has plenty of atmosphere and some reasonably suspenseful moments. The film is completely bloodless, so fans of gore will be disappointed. The acting is  good with familiar TV cast to boost. So if you like horror movies from early 70's check out "Satan's School for Girls"-still it beats most of the weak stuff  being put out today. Highly recommended. Made for ABC Television and Produced by Aaron Spelling. 1973 Color 78 minutes.
Savage Journey Richard Moll, Faith Clift, Maurice Granmaison. The movie opens with a Mormon being tarred and feathered. A band of pioneers is driven by angry mobs from one town to another. When they realize that no town will accept them, they brave the elements and Indian attacks to find a place to call their own. The movie is about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Joseph Smith was the founder of the church, and Brigham Young later took the reins after his death, leading the members of the church to modern-day Utah.  The early persecution of the church, and the subject of polygamy are dealt with head-on. 1983 color 91 minutes.

Scandal Sheet Burt Lancaster, Pamela Reed, Robert Urich, Lauren Hutton, Frances McDormand. Similar to his legendary role in Sweet Smell of Success", Burt Lancaster plays a sleazy tabloid publisher in Scandal Sheet. Interested only in selling papers, Lancaster sees an easy target in a recovering alcoholic actor (Robert Urich) trying to make a comeback. Reporter Helen Grant (Pamela Reed) is in serious economic trouble, and Lancaster hires her to dig up dirt on the actor due to her close friendship with his wife (Lauren Hutton). Helen must now choose between her friendship and journalistic integrity on one hand and her desperation and Lancaster's persuasive ways on the other. Here is a critical  look at the seedy and base world of sensationalist journalism in the made for Network Television film. 1985 color 101 minutes.

Shattered Silence Michael Douglas, Ben Gazzara, Elizabeth Ashley,  Helen keeps on receiving phone calls from a child, who claims being her nephew Michael - but Michael died 15 years ago... Also known as, When Michael Calls. Made for ABC Television. 1972 Color 90 minutes.

She Waits  Patty Duke, Dorothy McGuire, Beulah Bondi, Lew Ayres, David McCallum,  . Mostly, "She Waits" is your average woman goes to-house and-strange things-start happening story, but it's kept afloat by the good performances. Patty Duke plays Laura Wilson, who goes with her husband Mark (David McCallum) to his childhood home, where his first wife died. His mother Sarah (Dorothy McGuire) contends that his first wife never left the house and is waiting to get him back. You can probably guess what starts happening thereafter. Overall, the movie has everything that we would expect in such a movie, namely the eerie house and over possessive mother. There are some good lines. For example, housekeeper Mrs. M (Beulah Bondi) says of Los Angeles: "What self-respecting ghost would want to live here?" Lew Ayres (yes, the "All Quiet on the Western Front" star who later became a conscientious objector) plays the doctor.1972 Color.
Shell Game John Davidson, Tommy Atkins, Robert Sampson, Maria O'Brien.  A convicted con artist sets out to expose the head of a charity fund who has been embezzling money to cover his huge gambling losses. Made for CBS Television 1975 Color 90 minutes.

Silence of the Heart, Charlie Sheen, Howard Hesseman, Mariietta Hartley, Chad Lowe. Ken goes to kill himself at the same spot Skip did, but Skips parents show up, and talk him out of it.1984 Color 100 Minutes

Snowbeast Bo Svennson, Clint Walker, Sylvia Sydney, Yvette Mimieux.  In this made for TV film, an enormous and angry bigfoot creature begins to terrorize a Colorado Ski Resort during a winter carnival, by eating several skiers. At first everyone insists it is just a bear, until ski patrolman Tony Rill (Robert Logan) sees a white shadowy beastly shape disappearing into the woods. Although Tony's grandmother Mrs. Carrie Rill (Syliva Sidney), who owns the Ski Resort and the town sheriff, Sheriff Paraday (Clint Walker) disagree, it soon becomes clear when the creature finally attacks the town. 1977 Color 82 minutes.
Sticking Together aka Wonderland Cove  Clu Gulager, Sean Thomas Roche, Lori Walsh Cuda Weber is a Hawaii beach bum who finds himself the surrogate uncle to five orphaned children and tries to keep them together as a group. 1978 Color 73 minutes.
Stranger in 7 A, The  Andy Griffith, Ida Lupino, Michael Brandon A building superintendent and his wife are held hostage in their apartment by a sadistic would-be bank robber and his spaced-out accomplices. Made for CBS Television. 1972 Color 74 minutes.
Strike Force - Richard Gere, Joseph Spinell, Cliff Gorman, Marilyn Chris. In one of his first screen roles, Richard Gere stars in a "French Connection"-like thriller, as a New York detective, a state trooper and a federal agent team up to bust a narcotics ring. With Joe Spinell, Cliff Gorman. Made for Television. NBC had hopes of making a series based on the pilot movie. AKA: "Crack." 1975 Color 74 minutes
Stunts Robert Forester, Gary Davis, Fiona Lewis, Jonna Cassidy. On a movie location shoot, someone is killing the stuntman. This neat little sleeper of a movie, which is a pre-cursor to the more mainstream "The Stuntman", grabs you from the first few minutes and takes you on a wild ride right up to the end. When stuntman Greg Wilson (Gary Davis) meets a grisly end while on location with a film company, his brother Glen (Robert Forster) shows up to complete the film in his place, and find out what really happened. Seen on HBO as "Who Is Killing the Stuntmen". 1977 Color 89 minutes.

Terror on the 40th Floor John Forsythe, Joseph Campanella, Aniette Comer.  A number of businesspeople, keeping the Christmas Eve office party going longer than was originally intended, are beset by a fire that starts in the basement of their office building and creeps up at them from floor to floor. This is the backdrop as John Forsythe and Anjanette Comer edge toward an adulterous romance, Don Meredith and Joseph Campanella are helping themselves to proffered charms from others of the secretarial staff  as the holocaust approaches. While actual New York City firemen struggle manfully with the encroaching blaze, flashbacks are utilized so that we may fully appreciate the risks, romantic and otherwise, milked by the threatened sextet. Made for NBC Television. 1974 Color.
Texas Justice Dennis Franz, Heather Locklear, Chris Mulkey, Linda Hart, Ned Vaughn.  Based on a true story, Texas Justice recounts the events surrounding Texas millionaire T. Cullen Davis (Peter Strauss). Jealous, bitter, and vengeful, Davis was forced to stand trial for attempting to murder his ex-wife (Heather Locklear) in addition to actually taking the lives of people who were close to her. Features a standout supporting turn from Dennis Franz as Davis' flamboyant lawyer Richard "Racehorse" Haynes. 1998 Color Presented in two parts 204 minute total.

They Call It Murder Jim Hutton, Ed Asner, Leslie Nielson, Jessica Walter,  Lloyd Bouchner. Vic Tayback.. A small-town district attorney is saddled with several major investigations, including a gambler's murder and a possible insurance scam. Based on an Earl Stanley Gardner novel that exercises the grey-matter. Produced by 20th Century Fox and aired on NBC TV. 1972 Color 120 Minutes.

Thursday's Game Gene Wilder, Bob Newhart, Rob Reiner, Valerie Harper, Nancy Walker, Ellen Bursten. Norman Fell. Two friends keep seeing each other long after the regular Thursday night card game breaks up. Then the wives find out. Written by James L. Brooks. Made for ABC Television. 1974 color 100 minutes.
To All My Friends On Shore Bill Cosby, Dennis Hines, Gloria Forster The Cos' had just finished his TV run as Coach Chett Kincaid on "The Bill Cosby Show" when He wrote the music for this made-for-TV movie. He produced. He acted. He even supplied the "original idea". It's about .East Coast Ghetto Project dwellers struggling to escape... Mom works as a maid...she's a nursing student, too...Dad works odd jobs and is a talented "scavenger". Dad is scrimping and saving to buy the house of his dreams. Unfortunately, in the process, Dad is missing out on his son's growing-up years. Dad is so cheap, saving every nickel for their escape house dreams. Mom and Dad are busy fussing and fighting...and then the kid gets sick...real sick. Not a comedy this is about good people stuck in hard times. Made for CBS Television. 1972 Color 72 Minutes.  

Virus Glen Ford, George Kennedy, Chuck Connors, Sonny Chiba, Olivia Hussey, Robert Vaughn, Henry Silva. A military-engineered virus, released during a plane crash, kills the entire human population. The only survivors are scientists in Antarctica. Made for Japanese Television. Also released in the USA as Day of Resurrection. 1980 Color 108 minutes.
Voyage Of  The Yes  Desi Arnaz, Jr., Della Reese,  Mike Evans, Beverly Garland, Skip Homeier, Scoey Mitchel, Disk Powell, Jr. This is one of those movies that left you wanting more. Desi Arnaz Jr. puts in a surprisingly good performance and pretty much steps out of the shadow of his famous parents. Michael Evans also showed how good an actor he was. This film pretty much dealt with a lot of issues from race relations to trust. You really see that close to the end as Cal (Arnaz's character) tries to keep Orlando (Evans' character) alive after the encounter with the shark. I often felt that this could have made a great series with the two youths traveling from port to port and showing the different encounters they had with people they met along the way. Made for CBS Television by Bing Crosby Productions. 1973 Color 75 minutes.
Wackiest Wagon Train in the West  Bob Denver is a role much like his sea going character plagues a wagon train heading west. This comical western chronicles the silly adventures of a bumbling wagon master and his klutzy assistant as they attempt to take seven passengers across the prairie. Among the passengers are two wealthy Bostonians, an aspiring showgirl, a teacher, and bachelor. (Sound familiar?) The story is adapted from Dusty's Trail, a television sitcom 1977 Color 86 Minutes
Wake Me When The War is Over  Ken Berry, Eva Gabor, Jim Backus, Werner Klemperer, Hans Conried . During the latter days of WW2 an American Lieutenant (Berry), accidentally falls out of an airplane that he was on and falls into German territory. He is taken in by a Baroness (Gabor). She is taken with him and doesn't want him to leave, so she doesn't tell him that the war has ended. So, for nearly five years he thinks that the war is still going on, and so when he leaves her estate he thinks that he has to do what he can to defeat the Germans, cause he can't find anyone who speaks English or is willing to tell him that the war is over. Made for ABC. 1969 Color 74 minutes.
Wanted: The Sundance Woman Katherine Ross, Lucille  Bensen, Warren Berlinger, Michael Constantine, Stella Stevens, Hector Elias.. The Sundance Kids widow Etta Place joins up with Pancho Villa. Made by 20th Century Fox for ABC Television. 1976 Color 100 minutes.
When The Bough Breaks Ted Danson, Richard Masur, Rachael Tictotin, James Nobel. This is a good adaptation of the popular Jonathan Kellerman Novel. Danson and Masur are very genuine and accurate in their portrayals of the dynamic private detective and shrink duo. Danson this serious in a role, and was very surprised at how good he is. Masur is very much Milo, both capture the bantering dialog that is the duo's hallmark. If you like the Alex Delaware mysteries by Jonathan Kellerman, you'll enjoy this film. Made for Television. 1986 Color 100 minutes.
Where Have All The People Gone?  Peter Graves, Kathleen Quinlan, Verna Bloom.  A strange series of solar flares proves fatal for inhabitants of the Earth, except for the fortunate few who are somehow immune from the effects. Animals go insane and human beings turn to white powder, leaving behind only empty clothing. A handful of survivors attempt to rebuild their lives on the de-populated Earth. Made for NBC Television. 1974 Color 74 minutes.
Who am I This Time with Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken. As a play within a play (contains scenes from Streetcar Named Desire) it is a showcase for the range of these excellent actors -- Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken. It is also a sensitive tale of lonely people finding each other and their hearts. Walken plays a hardware store clerk becomes the character he plays in a local little theater group. Made for PBS Television. 1981 Color 60 minutes.
Winner Take All Shirley Jones, Joyce Van Patten, Parley Baer, Silvia Sydney, Joan Blondell, Bill Luckenbill. Shirley Jones plays an average American housewife who just happens to be addicted to gambling. The story chronicles how her problem is destroying her "ideal" suburban life and that of her family. It's a stretch to say that the picture is a remake of "The Lady Gambles", but certain elements of that classic Stanwyck flick are present here. This was a highly rated NBC Television Movie Of The Week. 1975 Color 120 minutes.
Winter Stallion Sian Maclean, Daniel J. Travanti. Filmed against the exquisite vistas of the Welsh countryside, Gwen Davies is a sixteen year-old orphan girl who lives on her grandfather's beautiful farm. Her happy life is suddenly shattered when her beloved grandfather is thrown from a horse and killed. Gwen must confront the loss of her family's farm and her beloved horse, the great stallion Mabon. She's left to handle the family farm and all the horses on it until her uncle enters the picture, wanting to sell the property to a greedy land developer. One possible way to keep the farm is for Gwen to enter her beloved black stallion Mabon (named for a Pagan holiday) in the Christmas Costume Race. The climatic scene showing Gwen as an angel riding against Father Christmas and an elf, among others, is certainly one of the more unique racing scenes ever in the movies Also know as The Christmas Stallion 2002 Color 94 minutes.
Woman Hunter, The  Barbara Eden, Robert Vaughn, Stuart Whitman, Sydney Chaplin. Barbara Eden stars as a rich heiress vacationing in the Bahamas with husband Robert Vaughn. It seems that Stuart Whitman is following her and recording her every move on his tape recorder.  Barbara finds the  tape recorder and fears Whitman wants to kill her. But, the police won't take her seriously. Made for CBS Television by Bing Crosby Enterprises. 1972 Color 90 minute.

Wrestler, The  Ed Asner, Elaine Giftos, Dusty Rhodes, Lord James Blears, Superstar Billy Graham, Verne Gagne and Odd Job from the James Bond Movies.. An arrow-straight promoter whose once secure stranglehold on the wrestling world is being muscled in on by the mob and its hired henchmen on the mat. 1973 Color 95 minutes.

Yuma Clint Walker, Barry Sullivan, Edgar Buchanan, Kathryn Hays, Bing Russell, Peter Mark Richman Morgan Woodward. Clint Walker pins on a badge to bring law and order to a rough town in this explosive classic western filmed on location in Yuma, Arizona. 1971 Color 73 minutes

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